70 cms x 46 cms ( Series of 8 images)


This series of portraits acts communicating through eye, its realization is through the "fotointerviu". This technique helps to create perceptions through gestures and body language itself that can express a deep sensitivity, all through a series of questions that trigger the character. Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor is still a character that I ran in street who wanted to share a little of his life and allowed me to portray to seek precision in looking to define a moment that will highlight and help detail the specific gestures interest while narrating .. the portraits involve feelings, tensions and highlight the psyche of us as human beings. They also help fidgeting, attract or captivate and generate freedoms when creating and observing. The way we look normally operates automatically, often by education or something taught in every culture, to know a subject the way we look at it ignores its complexity, focuses on features that function as universal language. These features act as a hierarchy identified from our experience and what we know.